The Flock
Below are a few of the very nice things people have said over the past few months.

"I love it! It means so much to me and as a family, to have that special memory. Thank you so much for making it happen."

"At the onset, the picture that I wanted was not properly formed in my mind, but after three meetings, he was able to create the scene that I was struggling to conjure. The result is astounding, and in the words of my eldest grandson: “How does he do it?” The exciting aspect of this commission was that Cy agreed to let my grandchildren take part in the early creative process; this meant that together they helped me decide on the composition, the mood and the context of the painting. Ashton and Ruby were even allowed to put some paint on the canvas :)

All the way through, Cy listened to my ideas, even when I changed my mind and he had to create a different colour pallet! I now have a very beautiful - and personal -painting on my wall. It surpasses what I had imagined. Thank you, Cy."

Christina: July 2017

"I was the blessed recipient of the amazing painting that you were recently commissioned to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

To say that I love it just doesn't capture how the piece helps me to feel. It is hung where I can see it every day, most of the day. Crows are my spirit animal and they help me to feel grounded and at peace, so when I look at it, I feel at home, and there is no better feeling than that.

Your work is amazing and the details astonishing!!! To capture the essence of a crow is very challenging because of its monochromatic colouring, but you have brought it to life with your attention to every detail, no matter how small! The eye is spectacular!

You are beyond talented and I feel incredibly privileged to have a piece of your work. Thank you again for creating such a magical piece just for me! I am so very grateful."

Max: May 2017

"It was my first time commissioning a painting. It was for my girlfriend's 21st, so it had to be something special. I wanted to find something that meant an awful lot to both of us, but also was a stunning center piece for the house.

However, the painting was not how I had imaged it. It was even better than I had thought! Cy could not have delivered better on both of those points. Cy has a true gift for representing the message behind his work, guiding you through the process, as well as going the extra mile and managing to get the piece done for the big day!

Amazing work and I could not be happier - I will definitely ask Cy to do some work in the future. 10/10."

Val: March 2017
"Just had to say again that I LOVE my painting and thank you so much for capturing my 'soul place' so perfectly."